The (daunting) Task of Balancing

I originally had planned on having a playable demo of The Ethereal Plains out by this point, however I severely underestimated just how daunting of a task battles and balance is.

I have all of the core items at this point, but as I go through and create boss battles, I realize how boring they can be. It’s then that I chose to explore new mechanics to mix things up and then I begin to see how challenging that task can be. Between coming up with new abilities and states, to implementing visual cues for the player to understand what’s going on, it’s a lot of work! But the end result is worth it, as now boss battles will feel different than a normal enemy with increased HP.

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Countless Changes (Gasp!)

Where should I begin?

How about with a whole new cast of character sprites? Instead of using the RTP ones, I went with the awesome offerings from Kaduki, offering much more diverse animations in battle.


And as long as we’re on the subject of battles, instead of using the stock, highly-detailed backdrops, I created my own. Though I will need to create one for each setting, the end result should look both more consistent and (in my opinion) better than the standard offering.


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The Ethereal Plains – Announcement

Over the past couple weeks, I have found renewed interest in RPG Maker again. Having played with it on and off over the past decade, I decided to explore the newest version: RPG Maker VX Ace.

Previously I had worked with RPG Maker 95 a bit, but hadn’t really gotten in to it too extensively until RPG Maker 2000. I recall working quite a bit on an game using it but never got beyond the opening. For the most part, up until now, the most work I had done on one was to create a town, a hero, and a part of the world map. All with no planning at all; likely the reason it was never completed.

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