Ethereal Plains – Engine Update

I thought I’d get around to posting an update for the improvements I’ve made to the Ethereal Plains engine. Granted things may change again from this build, but I’m quite pleased with the current product.

New additions to the engine are:

  • New Battle System
  • Victory Aftermath Summary
  • Character Message System
  • Dynamic and Advanced Weather System
  • Detailed Item Management System
  • General Anti-lag Implementations

The Ethereal Plains – Announcement

Over the past couple weeks, I have found renewed interest in RPG Maker again. Having played with it on and off over the past decade, I decided to explore the newest version: RPG Maker VX Ace.

Previously I had worked with RPG Maker 95 a bit, but hadn’t really gotten in to it too extensively until RPG Maker 2000. I recall working quite a bit on an game using it but never got beyond the opening. For the most part, up until now, the most work I had done on one was to create a town, a hero, and a part of the world map. All with no planning at all; likely the reason it was never completed.

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