Crash Co: Additions, Features, and Refinements (oh my)!

It’s been about a month since my last (big) progress update and suffice to say, I’ve made a number of updates and improvements. First of which, a new world map (literally) with a rotating planet earth which the player will use to select their next destination.¬†WorldMapUpdate01Nodes unlock (and secret ones reveal themselves) when levels are completed (or secrets are found) and a preview video showing a looping flyby of the currently selected level plays.

With the world map in a near finished state, I wanted to focus back on the gameplay. I always knew that wanted to have racing levels (akin to Blast Corps) so I started the foundation for them early on, but I wrapped up the time limits/lap times/race times/best times/etc so they are fully functional. The only item left for it now is whether I want the player to be able to choose the vehicle they want to attempt the course with. Continue reading

Project Update

Progress certainly hasn’t stopped on my UDK project. In-fact it’s coming along quite nicely.

Since the last update, I have made some code changes to the underlying engine. For example, instead of creating the camera zooms by changing the offset value by a small amount and then repeating it until the desired zoom is reached. Instead now, I use a linear interpolation to get to the final value which starts off fast and then slows down toward the end, creating a much more smooth, natural motion. Beyond that I have created the base landscape for the overworld and began work on the introduction level (which teaches the player all of the controls).

Screenshots and videos will follow in the coming days.