Platformer Video Development Blog – Volume 3

Here we are with video development blog volume 3 for my (now working titled) 3D platforming game – Besus: Journey for Vitality!

In this development blog I share the updates made to the swimming mechanics,┬ánew animations, abandoning Playmaker for good old fashioned C# scripts, progress on the first level, and my failed/abandoned attempt at a “dynamic” ledge grab system.

Unity 3D Platformer Additions

Although the video was uploaded a few days ago, I just now realized that I never created a blog post for it… With that being said, here is the latest video showcasing the current most-recent enhancements and additions made. Among which are:

  • Power-up/Transformation cards
  • Explosive crates (affects all rigidbodies)
  • Ground Slam Ability
  • Swimming; both on and under the surface
  • Enhanced wall jump with proper Vector3 Reflection

Platformer Video Development Blog – Volume 2

With all of the changes and updates made to the game mechanics, I figured it would be the perfect time to create another video development blog detailing all these updates! It took me far more time than I would like to admit to get everything working as I envisioned. Needless to say, I feel that the end result is more than worth it!