Broken Images in Old Blog Posts

My apologies for the broken images in all of my older blog posts; I just now discovered them. This was a result of the images still pointing to my old Besus Productions domain and of course the image links just couldn’t break and were instead replaced by a spam image. I have since gone through every single one of my old blog posts and updated their links to reference the image media file instead of using a custom URL to point to the image.

Sorry for the amateur appearance there for while. ūüôĀ

Speed Optimizations

You may or may not have noticed that there have been some speed improvements (approximately 50% faster) made to the site in the past couple days. I have done some removal of resource-intensive plugins and replaced them with less-resource intensive variations (or just eliminated them entirely) so you should notice that the site and its respective posts/pages will load much more quickly then before.

Putting the Raspberry Pi to Use

After countless months just sitting in my closet, I have finally found a practical use for my Raspberry Pi. I made a previous post about making a power box for it, and I finally decided to finish it. The box itself was all wired and basically set to go but after sanding it, I never painted it. Well the paint is (finally) drying on it as I type this.

Before doing that however, I hooked it up and began to configure some software for it. After installing the newest version of Raspbian (Debian), I took to installing PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Mantis Bug Tracker; the later being the most important. I’ve been considering bug tracking solutions for a while now, but popular ones such as Jira are just too expensive and the WordPress plugin was a bit too simplistic. Finally comparing Mantis to Bugzilla, I decided to go the Mantis route.

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About Me Pages

Finally finished putting together my About Me pages. Once I started typing all of that information in, I realized it would be far more practical to split them up in to sub-pages. Otherwise it would be one very long document to read through, likely deterring anyone from actually reading it.

Either way, it was fun to reminisce about all of that information.


Allow me for a minute to share some frustration with the self-checkouts; specifically at the grocery store. I am not going to rant about how it takes away jobs because frankly, I love them. What I don’t love about them is some of the people who use them.

All too often it seems people feel entitled or think they are too special to wait in lines. I hate waiting in lines at any store too, but I am not about to¬†inconvenience¬†others by taking an entire shopping cart worth of products to the self-checkout lane. I don’t care if each of the standard lanes has 3+ people in them (also with full carts) and the self-checkout has 3 people among the 4 total checkouts. If you have a full cart of stuff and you want to use the self-checkout to avoid waiting, tough!

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