Countless Changes (Gasp!)

Where should I begin?

How about with a whole new cast of character sprites? Instead of using the RTP ones, I went with the awesome offerings from Kaduki, offering much more diverse animations in battle.


And as long as we’re on the subject of battles, instead of using the stock, highly-detailed backdrops, I created my own. Though I will need to create one for each setting, the end result should look both more consistent and (in my opinion) better than the standard offering.



Beyond the battle system and visual changes, I have added many more new areas. Obviously as the game progresses, many more will be added. Why is this notable as an update given many, many more will be added as progress continues?

Primarily because as I progress, I find myself wanting to add more to the existing story flow. I’ve added an extension of the opening so you can get a better feel for what Armor is all about. In addition I created a set of opening credits to lead in to the primary game.


As for level design, I have found the importance of puzzles. I haven’t given it too much thought until now, but what’s the point of dungeons and gameplay areas if all you do is battle? As I come up with more puzzles, I like to try and fit them in to break up story elements and cutscenes, so (as mentioned above) story flow is constantly changing.


Lastly, there’s the way battles are initiated in the field. I have never been a fan of random encounters (often finding myself annoyed by them) so instead of using them, you will encounter the enemy sprites in the field. Similar to Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, before a battle even begins you will have an idea of what you will be fighting before the battle starts. These can be avoided if you choose, however enemies will pursue you if they feel you are worth fighting.


If however you are too powerful, they will fear you and run away from you instead. You will still have the option to fight them, but it likely won’t be worth the time for the experience you will receive.

As I wrap up the databasing and gameplay, I hope to have a demo out in the next couple months to finally display all of these features I have been blogging about for so long.

We’ll see you then!

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