Playable Demo Released

Finally, nearly a year after I began development I am ready to release the first publicly playable demo of Besus, featuring the first level Wind Turbine Valley.

Download the demo here!

Please keep in mind that items are subject to (and likely will) change.

Controls are as follows:

  • Movement: Left Joystick / WASD
  • Camera: Right Joystick / QERF
  • Jump: A Button / J
  • Grab Objects: B Button / N
  • Attack: X Button / K
  • Dive: Y Button / I
  • Look Mode: Right Bumper / U
  • Snap Camera Behind Player: Push Right Joystick / Y

If after playing the demo you find any bugs or have any suggestions regarding items that can be improved or changed, please use the following:

Besus: Journey for Vitality Development Blog – Volume 7

The first development blog since the release of Unity 5, and with that release I naturally ported the project over. This development blog details that (and the changes made to the look of the game as a result of it) as well as:

  • Detail culling (to save on draw calls)
  • Diving/Sliding mchanism
  • Roll attack
  • Early boss battle development
  • A NPC which you race against (akin to Koopa The Quick)