The (daunting) Task of Balancing

I originally had planned on having a playable demo of The Ethereal Plains out by this point, however I severely underestimated just how daunting of a task battles and balance is.

I have all of the core items at this point, but as I go through and create boss battles, I realize how boring they can be. It’s then that I chose to explore new mechanics to mix things up and then I begin to see how challenging that task can be. Between coming up with new abilities and states, to implementing visual cues for the player to understand what’s going on, it’s a lot of work! But the end result is worth it, as now boss battles will feel different than a normal enemy with increased HP.

Beyond that, the enemies and battles are now pretty much set (with the exception of one more boss) but the more I do, the more I want to add new features. I’m currently considering having poisons and other items play a role in battle, giving bonus damage to Noah when the enemy is poisoned. Whether they will be usable items or treated as reagents I’m not quite sure of yet.

Progress is still ongoing, and after I get the core mechanics squared away, all that will be left before something playable is available is additional polish and detailing.

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