The Joy’s of Coding

For all the time that I’ve been putting in to AI Uprise (working title) lately, I don’t feel as though I have much to “show” for it. That’s because it’s all been behind-the-scenes coding. Chief among them being a complete save system! Since a game isn’t of much use without one, I am very glad to get the last core component of the game done.

Other changes include the ability to only carry one weapon at a time (with unlimited ammo but a limited time on the “charge” for firing) and 2 new weapons entirely (with more to likely follow).

Hopefully I can get some new gameplay footage and screenshots up sooner than later!

The SHMUP – UDK Project Deviation

SHMUP1While working on my UDK project (tentative title: AI Uprise), I decided to take a bit of a deviation and try out a different style of game in UDK: The Shoot ‘Em Up – created entirely in Kismet. For now I decided to go with the top-down camera but I may look in to creating a sidescroll variation of it as well.

After I got the gameplay up and running, I thought about how I can integrate this in to AI Uprise. I may play with the idea of making this an assault mission on a target, or a way to get to another location. If it flows well, there’s no doubt I would love to integrate this in to my final game.

Worst-case scenario, I could always just create some additional levels and release this as an entirely standalone game. 😀

Project: AI Uprise

As mentioned in my last post, I am following-up with some additional game information (and screenshots). First and foremost, I have a tentative working title: AI Uprise. Given the premise of the game is stopping rebellious artificial intelligence, it may or may not stick as the final title. It does sound better than constantly referring to it as my “UDK Project”.

Now on to the screenshots. Here are some work-in-progress shots of the outdoor landscape/overworld and the initial training level (used to introduce the player to various gameplay mechanics).