UDK Project – Early Test

I began working on a platforming game project using the Unreal Development Kit and finally got the core systems fleshed out. I had originally planned on implementing all of these views in to a single system, but problems arose with projectiles hitting the target on a 2-D plane while doing so. Not to mention if the player is moving and suddenly the view changes, it can be confusing and may cause them to run off a ledge.

So in the end I made 3 separate systems:

  • Sidescroller – The classic view that we’re all familiar with; locked to a 2-D plane
  • Top-Down – View form above the character that rotates as the player does
  • Over The Shoulder – Camera positioned just above the characters shoulder, allowing for full 3D movement and aiming.

I will use each of these for levels where the specific view would be most appropriate. For example, searching for items would use top down. Clearing out a room full of enemies would use over the shoulder, and so on.

As for the game and story, they are still a work-in-progress. I have some general ideas, but now that I know what I’m capable of doing in UDK, I can use that to help guide my ideas.

In the mean time, here is a video to demonstrate these mechanics:

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