The Ethereal Plains Introduction Cutscene

I’ve finally finished up what will likely be the final version of the cutscene introducing the player to the story behind The Ethereal Plains. At this point, the story is developed enough where I can feel confident laying out the groundwork for the story ahead. Being that I’ve always preferred “seeing” the story as it is told, I decided to go for what I feel is a much more interesting opening cutscene.

I’ve been playing through other RPG Maker games lately and it seems every single one of them lays out the story for the player with a huge wall of text, mentioning numerous places, people and locations. I probably won’t remember any of them or get “in to” the game until I have a better understanding of the story, so the wall of text does nothing but bore me. Because of this, I chose not to slam the player with too much information right away, making the introduction to The Ethereal Plains that much more entertaining and easy to understand up-front.

Judge for yourself by watching the YouTube video below, and feel free to offer any comments or suggestions!

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