Steel Ego (Alpha 0.4)

Anyone who follows me should know that I love my side projects! After a certain point however they become more than just a side project and end-up being another full-fledged project. This is another example of that happening. What originally started off as a “just for fun” project (inspired by playing Nuclear Throne) quickly evolved in to something I enjoyed playing as much as I did working on it.


They are the best at what they do; so much so that it has done nothing but build their ego’s over the years. With their arrogance having reached record-highs, they broke away from their respective forces and formed the mercenary group: Steel.

Thanks to their abilities, they have since been tasked with eliminating the recent influx of dangerous creatures throughout the planet. The only question now is will their ego help or hinder their ability to accomplish this…


  • ​Procedurally-generated levels
  • 2 different playable characters with different styles
  • Multiple different weapons – ranging from a blackhole generator to a baseball bat (with more to come).
  • Many different types of enemies to make sure you can never stand still.


Pick between 2 playable characters – one specializing in ranged weapons while the other in melee weapons.

Controls, graphics, and audio options are configurable in-game.

By default you will move with WASD and aim with the mouse. Fire is left-click and pressing ‘E’ while within range of a dropped weapon will let you pick it up. You can only carry 2 weapons at a time, so picking one up with 2 will swap it for the current active one (switch between them with the space bar).

Download it here! (Windows only – for now)

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