Mech-Wrecking and Other Advancements

Ricochet_vb1The first (and certainly not last) Mech along with all of the building-wrecking functionality that comes with it has been completed. The general idea is it will fire its fists at buildings, ricocheting off and destroying any other objects that it comes in contact with. After which, the fist(s) will need to be retrieved before they can be fired again. Naturally single fists can be retrieved and so long as one fist is present, you can fire it. Nearly everything for this is complete except updating the targeting sight and a glowing effect to ensure that the player can find the fists (as of now they simply show through any other geometry but I will be adding a luminescent effect to them as well).


Along with the final graphics implemented on to the Mech, I have also done a complete overhaul of the terrain shader. As every level will use a terrain object, I figured I needed to come up with a better (translation: sharper) shader as the default one was far too cartoony. The default shader would blend the alpha values between the layers but this one uses configurable height maps to “layer” the textures on top of each other, creating sharper (and more realistic) edges between the textures.

With these implementations, I am just working out some final kinks in the early levels as well as some general functionality before I will release a demo to the public. Keep your eyes open as it should be coming before Halloween.


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