Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level Pack/Episode

Going through some old files, I came across this episode I was working on for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 way back when. My original plan was to make multiple episodes and encompass all of them in to this single pack, but it never got beyond just 9 levels. Thus the inspirational name of PANGOIO (Practically a New Game on its Own – clever huh?). Of them, one was a “level select”, two were boss fights, one was a bonus level, and one was just a level to fall down a long hole to infiltrate a secret base. In other words, only 4 were actual levels.

So after finding this again, I decided to play through it, grabbing some screenshots along the way.

The first level; the level select which just involved you jumping in to a tube.

Off to the first real playable level. This involved you going all the way through it to hit a switch box so that you could proceed to the boss.

After which, you would fall down the long hole to reach the entrance to the secret base.

And then enter the secret base itself.

Then there was a bonus level, which wasn’t really screenshot-worthy as it just involved you picking the correct crate to smash to earn some weapon upgrades. After which was the next full level which involved you going to the end, climbing up and playing through the upper half to reach the exit.

Then on to the Christmas-themed levels. These were levels I had made in a previous episode and decided to recycle them in to this pack. That must be where the Call of Duty franchise got the idea from…

In general, playing through this again well over 10 years later I had some good ideas, but I went WAY too boss heavy. Nearly every level had one. Granted the bosses were not that hard, but it’s just tedious and lazy from a level design point-of-view. If only Jazz Jackrabbit 2 were still as active as it was when I played it, I would consider redoing this as the game and the level editor were both very fun.

If you’re one of the dozen who still have this game installed on your PC, you can download what I have finished of the episode below.

Download the PANGOIO Demo

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