Another New Project?!

As a bit of an offshoot from my Unreal Engine project, I got the idea for a simple 2D sidescroll/platform game where the player is always running forward and it is up to them to time their ducks and jumps to make it through the level. After getting this idea, I knew that I had to make it (despite it not being completely original). So I decided to begin creating this using GameMaker 8.0 Pro and 3 days later, I have a working concept and a playable game I’m calling: Retro Runner!

retro-mario-b2Brainstorming the back story and other ideas behind this, I decided to keep it simple, retro and a bit nostalgic. For this reason, there is no real back story. You’re just a character running through classic 8-bit and 16-bit environments. As of now, I only have games of the 8-bit era: Super Mario Bros, Castlevania and Contra. I’m still thinking about what other games would make for simple, yet challenging environments (so if you have any, please let me know).



Due to the fact that without enemies, these locales wouldn’t be all that challenging, I decided to add spikes and other environmental hazards (akin to I Wanna Be the Guy). In-fact, the character itself is from I Wanna Be the Guy (which may change in later builds). As of now the character can only slide and jump. While sliding, the character will lose their momentum, eventually coming to a stop. Otherwise they will continue to run forward (or to the right).

I hope to have a video of the gameplay soon but until then, don’t hesitate to send any suggestions or ideas for this game my way!


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